Important Information

All concrete products may suffer from the temporary phenomenon of efflorescence, this is not detrimental to the performance of the flagstone or paving product and Stoneham Flagstones UK Ltd cannot be held responsible if efflorescence occurs.

All Flagstones and Paving from Stoneham Flagstones UK Ltd weather just as natural stone does when exposed to the elements.

Cold Weather maintainence use of salt to de-ice

Concrete has high strength when it is compressed, or 'squeezed'. However, it is extremely weak when it is subjected to tension, or 'pulled'. Rock salt can take advantage of this weakness.

Believe it or not, while concrete appears to be a very dense material, it is in fact quite like a blotter. It can and does absorb water. You can actually see this happen on a hot summer day. Sprinkle some water on your sidewalk or driveway and look very closely. You can actually see the water penetrate the surface of the concrete.

When you spread rock salt on your concrete to melt snow and ice, the salt dissolves the snow and makes a salt water mush. The melting action of the salt allows water to enter the concrete. If the temperature then drops and the water freezes, the growing ice crystals can blast apart the concrete.

Salt is also hygroscopic. It attracts water. It can cause concrete to become more saturated with water than it would otherwise. The presence of this extra water in freezing conditions can spell trouble. The volume of water increases by 9 percent when it freezes within the concrete matrix. The pressure of the growing ice crystals can cause the surface of the concrete to fail. It usually spalls off.

Due to differential curing, slight shade and colour variations sometimes occur in Flagstones and Paving. Stoneham Flagstones UK ltd keep this to a minimum, sight conditions, natural variation in aggregates that are used can also cause variation. This is generally considered to enhance the natural stone effect and the colour will weather together in time.

Stoneham Flagstones UK ltd are unable to buy back any Flagstones or Paving that have been sold.