Frequently Asked Questions

How are the stones laid?
They  can either be laid on a tile adhesive or can be laid on a cement and sand mortar mix for interior and for an exterior patio a mix of 50% building sand to 50% sharp sand with cement in a wet mix at a 5 to 1 ratio is best suited.

Do we deliver?
Yes we do deliver, free of charge in local areas for large orders then price on request for orders further away. All deliveries are unloaded a maximum distance of 3 metres from the vehicle as it is unloaded manually. If special delivery is required please notify prior to delivery as an extra cost may apply.

How are the stones maintained?
The stones are made very strong  so they can either be simply swept  to remain dust free or if a cleaner is needed  a test area is recommended.

Do all stones need sealed?
Interior stones would require sealing as they are at greater risk of spillage such as red wine or oils, which will penetrate the pores of the stone and stain.
Exterior stones can be sealed to prevent the natural weathering which will occur in time with the stone.

Can the flagstones be used with underfloor heating?
Yes, the stones are very dense so they hold heat very well. It is best laid on a bed of flexible adhesive and a flexible grout used.