About Stoneham Flagstones

Stoneham Flagstones

The process of creating perfect reproduction stone has taken many years of dedicated effort to perfect. Today our flagstones and stone accessories can be found in some of the world’s most beautiful homes and exciting commercial interiors.

Every stone is made by hand and lovingly finished to create the right look - be it perfectly smooth or delightfully textured and aged. Using the finest local materials and a range of exquisite pigments Stoneham Flagstones has brought the touch of a true craftsman to the world of reproduction stone.

The superb texture of our flagstones has to be seen to be believed. Only a true expert could distinguish them from the original. Unlike many ceramic finishes, reproduction stone gets better with age. Incredibly affordable and built to last a life time of heavy traffic our flagstones are suitable for use in both domestic and commercial interiors. Whether you dream of a classic farmhouse aged flagstone or a smooth ultra modern granite, loft style slab, we have exactly what you need.

Designed to meet your specifications

We stock an enormous range of shapes and sizes which suit the majority of applications, but what if you need that little something extra? No problem. Stoneham have used their skills to create some very unique products - they were even called upon to create the interior landscape castings for the huge tanks in the London Aquariam. The joy of reproduction stone is that not only can everyone afford it, but you can have something which is truly unique.

  • Colour matching
  • Ageing
  • Sample service
  • Work to architectual plans
  • Direct or sub-contract
  • Technical support
  • Bespoke moulding